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In-Vehicle Technology Is Revolutionizing the Driver Experience


Telematics Providers Are Offering Smart App-Based Tools to Boost Driver Satisfaction and Fleet Efficiency.

The driver experience is a crucial factor to consider in fleet management. It often gets overlooked, however. Drivers spend most of their work day behind the wheel, fussing with everyday tasks and interacting with dispatchers. The quality of the intercommunication is not always satisfactory, which can make or break how drivers feel about their job or company. Telematics providers are noticing.

GPS fleet tracking companies are introducing in-vehicle solutions, such as app suites and tools, to help automate driver tasks and boost efficiency. That's not an easy feat to achieve. Nonetheless, these app-based tools are designed to assist drivers in tackling a time-consuming to-do list in a matter of minutes. Manually completing forms or gathering customer detail becomes a thing of the past with digital forms and features. Things like clear navigation, routing and two-way messaging allow drivers the focus and stability needed to meet business expectations, empowering them to revolutionize how they experience their job and help strengthen a fleet's performance.

A big idea behind these applications is that drivers who have access to in-vehicle technology are more likely to have a positive experience, which improves turnover rates and helps attain a work-life balance.

These in-vehicle systems are breaking new ground in an industry where retention rates are low and drivers are unhappy. Chicago-based GPS fleet tracking provider Navman Wireless recently launched Drive, a comprehensive app suite that offers in-cab tools, such as voice-activated and voice-guided navigation, along with a line of features hosted on a user-friendly tablet. Fully integrated with the Navman Wireless OnlineAVL2 GPS fleet tracking software platform, Drive provides fleets with an automated experience and gives companies the opportunity to optimize their fleet management.

Added Navman Wireless Drive features include the ability for managers to send updated routes right to an in-cab display, eliminating time lost on drivers looking for locations and excess vehicle and fuel use. Other key tools include two-way messaging with a range of message options (including canned, form-fill with signature capture and free text for those longer messages) and an engine monitoring system (EMS).

EMS helps drivers see when they speed, or when the vehicle's temperature, fuel or oil pressure exceed limits set by a fleet manager. The Trucking Attributes tool allows commercial drivers to enter their vehicles' profiles into the software to find the safest routes, avoiding narrow roads, low underpasses and weight- and load type-restricted bridges.

The power behind these types of app suites and driver-friendly in-vehicle displays can go a long way in retaining the loyalty and dedication that businesses seek when hiring drivers. Introducing an app suite like Drive can dramatically improve a driver's workday contribution, helping companies stay strong year-round.

To see how app suites like Navman Wireless Drive can optimize your business, or to schedule a demo, click here.

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