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Joyent Partnership - Copy

Data Blocks
Data Blocks

Teletrac recently worked with Joyent, a major cloud provider, on a case study, highlighting the innovation Teletrac is pushing into cloud computing and big data in the fleet space.  You can download the case study here:  Joyent + Teletrac Case Study 

At Teletrac, we believe that smart fleet management depends on an essential factor: customized and functional data. Teletrac's integrated software solutions provide the necessary comprehensive fleet information feeding smarter business decisions, intelligence management and increased fleet efficiency. Tracking data for over 200,000 vehicles in 87 countries, Teletrac currently processes over 25 million daily data transactions for its customers and this number is growing everyday. As the telematics industry continues its rapid expansion, the need for a reliable and scalable cloud solution, that processes real time data, to support this growth is vital. Joyent's high performance cloud infrastructure was built to provide real time web and mobile applications and as the leader in their space, they make the ideal partner for Teletrac.

 “Joyent offers the best mix between a bullet-proof infrastructure and a development environment.” — James Williams, CTO, Teletrac Inc.

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