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Keeping Valentine's Day Alive While on the Road

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There are two things that you can count on each and every February: the Super Bowl and Valentine's Day.

The former is all over and done with. It was a heck of a game, and regardless of whether or not you are happy with the outcome, seeing the New England Patriots come from behind to take a victory like that was impressive. Now, with that wrapped up, the focus of February is on Valentine's Day, and that's not always easy for truck drivers.

As truckers, especially long-haul truckers, you're spending your days out on the road delivering freight and doing your part to help power the world through logistics. But we know that being away from wives, girlfriends or significant others more often than most can be taxing on relationships. It's often difficult to celebrate special holidays when you’re in different ZIP codes, but that doesn't mean that you can’t Make this Valentine's Day one to remember.

Take Advantage of Your Company's Rider Program

Couples that are set on spending time together this Valentine's Day might be able to do so regardless of load planning or fleet management obligations. Many trucking and logistics companies feature rider or ride-along programs for the spouses and families of their drivers. No, the cab isn’t quite the Ritz, but it could feel like it if what you're looking for is quality time together.

Trucking with your wife on Valentine's Day can be done right with a little bit of planning. For example, you could find a great meal while out on the road, place the flowers right in the truck and exchange thoughtful gifts. You can do it all, but perhaps the most important part is spending time together on the road.

If You Can't Be Together This Valentine's Day

Sometimes, spending important holidays apart cannot be avoided, and while many spouses of those within the trucking industry understand what they're signing up for, it's important not to overlook opportunities to show appreciation to those you love. If you can't be together, here are a few thoughtful ways that you can still share in Valentine's Day:

  • Make a Mobile Movie Date: Many drivers have a small TV in their truck hooked up with a DVD player. Put it to good use by planning a romantic movie date. Hit play and turn on Skype or call each other up to watch it together.
  • Send an I-Care-for-You Package: Send a sweet or romantic card home along with a care package that says "I love you" filled with their favorite things.
  • Have a Delicious Dinner Delivered: Perhaps you might not be there to share a meal, but your spouse might not want to cook for one on Valentine's Day. Take care of that for them by calling their favorite restaurant. Even if they don't usually deliver, they might make an exception when you explain what you'd like to do for someone special.
  • Plan a surprise Valentine’s Day for when you’re in town: No holiday has to be set in stone, and if a specific date doesn't work for you as a couple, choose your own special day of observance. Spontaneity can also be romantic; give your sweetheart a surprise Valentine’s Day! Beautiful flowers, a fancy dinner; the whole shebang. Just make sure that if you need to postpone the date you don’t forget to pick up a special card around the formal holiday. Flowers and candy can be easy to get ahead or behind the date, but the card might be tricky to find in-stores on February 15th.
  • Make it a Picture Perfect Day All Day Long: Let your sweetheart know you’re thinking about them the whole day with a series of cute and thoughtful photo messages or emails. This works especially well for ‘punny’ couples. Morning, noon and night, send along sweet photo messages to remind them you’re thinking of them, even if you’re far apart.

However you and your Valentine choose to celebrate your love, make sure it’s celebrated. Keep, not just the wheels, but the romance rolling by letting them know how much they mean to you every day and any day you get the chance. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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