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Data Blocks

The fewer the employees, the fewer amount of problems.

While this sentiment may be true, it overlooks the fact that each problem that arises has the potential to severely impact business operations.

For small companies that incorporate vehicles in their business, issues like vehicle idling, uninformed customer service representatives and poorly optimized routes cost small businesses big, both in the short- and long-term. And the longer these issues go unresolved, the less likely a small business is able to gain any traction in the marketplace.

Fortunately, getting ahead of a cost prohibitive situation is simpler than ever.

Each of these small business owners were able to identify various issues that affected their fleets and quickly rectified the situation by using Teletrac’s amazing line of GPS services.

Job Management
For Jessica Taylor White, the operations and events manager at Charm City Catering, the biggest problem was having drivers make side trips while on the clock.

The Maryland-based full-service catering and events company only has three vans in its fleet, but the issue was costing both time and money. But by implementing a GPS tracking system, all of the problems were quickly rectified.

“I'm able to track my vehicles 24/7,” White said. “[The GPS tracking system] has helped me save money by modifying routes, kept my drivers honest, and provided me with serious peace of mind.”

 "Perfect GPS system for managing a fleet!"

Customer Service
Beyond simply knowing that drivers are working while on the clock, Nick Albert, vice president of sales at Albert Air Inc., said he needed to know where his drivers were at all times.

The heating and air conditioning company relies on four vans to serve its customers in Orange County and some Los Angeles communities. And in the scorching heat of summer or when the temperature drops during the winter, there are plenty of emergency calls that the company receives.

“Teletrac has been great for routing my guys to different jobs,” Albert said. “I am able to see where they are and where they have been. I am adding two more vans to Teletrac this week. I can't wait to have my whole fleet on this!”

"I finally know where all my vans are!"

Enhanced Safety
In a company with a few more employees, not everyone needs to have the same amount of access to vehicle location information.

Kevin Lethers, the franchise owner of a Paul Davis Restoration and Remodeling in Polk County, Florida, said he had concerns about tracking the company’s nine vans throughout the entire county,

“We needed the ability to track our vehicles in safe and cost efficient manner. Teletrac has allowed us to do both,” Lethers said. “The ability to customize users to various security levels is very helpful and allows us to have multiple personnel track their own area of responsibility. It gives us the ability to verify key information in both safety and operational needs.”

"Just what we were looking for!'

Idling Time and Personal Use
Managers can send their drivers out for the day without ever receiving an update, much less the whole story of how the shift went.

David King wasn’t a fan of not having all of the information about what his three trucks were up to during the day.

The owner of King Bottling, a Kentucky-based spring water bottling company, said he wanted to know if money was being wasted because of poor driving habits or a lack of oversight.

“I now have more control with our delivery trucks,” King said. “Before I had Teletrac the trucks went out at the beginning of the shift and returned at the end of the day. During that period, I had to rely on what my driver told me. Now I can see every move they make, every stop, how long they stopped, their idle time, and much more during the day. No more guess work or having to rely of misinformation.”

"Great! I feel more in control!"

It All Adds Up to Savings
Every small business needs to find ways to increase efficiency and cut expenses. However, if a company is unable able to pinpoint problem areas it makes that goal nearly impossible to attain.

Using a service like Teletrac’s GPS tracking and reporting software helps a small business identify previously unnoticed issues while simultaneously providing a way to keep track of all of its assets in a much more efficient and cost-effective manner.

To learn more about Teletrac's Fleet Director software see it live! Get a Free Live Demo Now!

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