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Monthly job numbers indicate a growing focus on the last mile of delivery


The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released employment figures from July, and despite a strong report overall, the transportation segment—once again—showed little month-over-month growth. However, taking a closer look within the transportation and warehousing segment, new growth is occurring in one particular category. 

According to BLS, courier and messenger jobs have steadily increased over the past six months, totaling nearly 670,000—up 3,200 jobs from June to July. Growth in this sub segment, which includes truck and delivery service drivers, is being driven largely in part by local and “last mile” deliveries. 

It’s not surprising considering the data from McKinsey & Co. According to the research firm: 

  • Nearly 25% of consumers are willing to pay significant premiums for the privilege of same-day or instant delivery.
  • Almost 30% of younger consumers are more inclined to choose same-day and instant delivery over regular delivery.
  • Same-day and instant delivery will likely reach a combined share of 20 to 25% of the market by 2025.

And we’re already seeing evidence of this: Amazon just held a series of job fairs, in places like Baltimore, Buffalo, Chattanooga, Kenosha and Oklahoma City, as the e-commerce giant attempted to rapidly hire 50,000 new distribution employees.

With this type of growth, more localized delivery labor will be needed—but not without help from trucking fleets and carriers first. 

To meet these fulfillment demands, fleets are turning to advanced telematics and GPS fleet tracking technology. With the help of data, fleet managers can now plan faster, more efficient routes, which is increasingly critical to operations, as well as gaining a competitive edge in the battle for the “final mile.”

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