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NEWS: Teletrac Integrates with Garmin - Copy

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Data Blocks

Teletrac has launched its enhanced integration with Garmin, a global leader in satellite navigation. Fleets using a wide range of Garmin navigation devices can now benefit from Teletrac’s Fleet  Director® software to automate workflow between dispatchers and drivers, creating the most efficient fleet management solution on the market.

The Fleet Director GPS fleet tracking platform integrates seamlessly with a wide range of Garmin devices for both new and current Garmin users. Commercial vehicles already equipped with Garmin navigation can now integrate with Teletrac’s comprehensive fleet management software, providing increased efficiency, effectiveness and productivity throughout the fleet. 
Optimized GPS navigation, two-way messaging, real-time location and vehicle tracking are all accessible within the enhanced Garmin and Fleet Director integration. Dispatchers can use Fleet Director to send job information and destination routes directly to drivers. Drivers can manage and track these jobs as well as generate real-time messages on all statuses, updates and completed jobs. 
“There are innumerable industries and companies that stand to benefit from Teletrac’s integrated  technology with Garmin. With the updated partnership, we've made communication and job routing incredibly easy.”—Lee Colman, Sr. Product Manager, Teletrac Inc.
For more information on Fleet Director’s GPS fleet management integration with Garmin navigation systems visit:

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