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The use of real-time routing has moved beyond being a luxury feature and is now an essential tool for freight trucking companies. An increase of highway travel, and the excruciating traffic that accompanies it, means that truck drivers are relying on dispatchers for instant routing strategies.

With freight companies working harder to meet customer demands, it’s imperative that drivers are given efficient ways to deal with the rigors of the road.

Real-time routing strategies, like those offered through Teletrac’s Fleet Director, identify road conditions that immediately provide drivers with this new information, which, in turn, streamlines business and ultimately increases safety for the driver and everyone else on the road.

The ability to minimize time spent on the road is crucial due to a significant rise in highway travel across the United States. In 2011, vehicles traveled 2.95 trillion miles in the United States, according to data compiled by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). The total was the eighth highest ever recorded and nearly doubled the amount of miles driven in 1980.

The FHWA also reported that California had the most amount of highway travel with 84.7 billion miles driven. Texas experienced the second most with 55.7 billion miles and Florida was third with 34.7 billion miles.

These staggering numbers demonstrate the need for improving the capability to navigate around traffic congestion. Using real-time routing strategies allows for commercial trucks to take advantage of this technology to prepare for and avoid unexpected delays.

And this technology is no different than what is already being utilized in the package delivery industry. Companies use real-time routing strategies to alter service levels and delivery times while a package is already in transit. Utilizing this method at the freight trucking level will only benefit drivers, shipping companies and customers overall experience.

The Fleet Director software offered by Teletrac streamlines real-time routing strategy by giving dispatchers the ability to send and assign routes with turn-by-turn directions directly to a driver. This all adds up to increased fleet productivity and big savings in fuel costs, mileage and drive time.

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