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Puppy Tracking - Copy

Last week Rebecca Leat, Teletrac's UK Telesales Manager, was given a police escort along the motorway as her labrador, Pickle, was giving birth to her third litter of recruit Guide Dogs!  
Having been alerted to a traffic issue up ahead by Teletrac’s Smartnav, Rebecca tried to divert to another route. It was too late, Pickle had already started giving birth! Rebecca pulled to a stop on the side of the motorway to deliver the first pup. A passing motorist spotted this and alerted the police up ahead that Rebecca needed assistance. Police escorted the mom-to-be and Rebecca the rest of the way to the animal hospital!
Rebecca’s lovely Labrador ‘Pickle’ has given birth three times since 2010. Her latest litter produced a special little boy called Gary, who will be sent to the Medical Detection Unit, which trains dogs to sniff out cancer cells, epilepsy and insulin needs for diabetics!   The remaining 7 pups, including Gunner, who like Teletrac’s CEO, is an avid Arsenal supporter, will be sent to special ‘puppy walkers’ for 12 months to start basic guide dog training. Once the pups pass the assessment, they work a long shift from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. every day at dedicated Guide Dog Training Centres.
After 2 years, graduation day arrives and each dog is matched with an owner, who they will stay with until their retirement at about 7-8 years. Well done Rebecca, you are an inspiration to us all!
puppy tracking










Pickle's healthy little litter.

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