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Q&A With Heppelthwaite - Copy


Teletrac sits down with Heppelthwaite's fleet manager to talk about the challenges that plumbing and heating companies face with customer service expectations.

Teletrac: How did your company choose Teletrac?
Makwana: When our fleet vehicles were getting old, we started looking into the idea of lease vehicles. Trying to keep them maintained and on the road was getting quite expensive.

When we spoke to Citroën, they mentioned their partnership with Teletrac and we went from there. We did a demo of the product and everything really worked out for us.

Teletrac: How has the system affected the day-to-day operations of your company?
Makwana: It’s very important for us to know where the company's engineers are immediately. We have a lot of customers say, “You said you’d be here between these hours,” and before we’d have to say, “He’s on his way, let me find out where he is.”

That usually means us calling the engineer and of course, they usually won’t pick up because they’re driving so then we’ll have to wait to get a call back. But with Teletrac, we can tell the customer exactly where the driver is, whether or not he’s stuck in traffic and easily estimate his arrival time.  

Teletrac: Has the software platform made a difference in the company?
Makwana: It's so useful. With Teletrac, you can pretty much find out anything you want about a vehicle. It is extremely comprehensive, very detailed and very accurate. There are plenty of options to drill down on information to keep you informed of your vehicles. It’s been a great investment, honestly.
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