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REVIEW: TCS Plumbing - Copy


TCS Plumbing has been in the construction business since 1991, and has been performing plumbing repair since 1981. TCS is now a full service plumbing company specializing in the residential, commercial and multi-family sectors in the Dallas metroplex and operates a fleet of 10-20 high tech plumbing trucks. Like many other plumbing contractors across the globe, TCS relies on a comprehensive GPS vehicle tracking system to monitor its fleet's activity, real-time.

Plumbing vehicles have always posed a popular target for car thieves, since most tend to be laded with expensive tools material and equipment. TCS Plumbing knows all about this and has dealt with this issue more than once. In fact this was a key factor into the company choosing Teletrac's GPS tracking platform as the company's fleet monitoring system and stolen vehicle recovery assistance. Since TCS has deployed Teletrac in its vans they now have the upperhand when dealing with stolen vans.“I’ve had at least one vehicle recently which was traced into California and returned to me via Teletrac and the help of their national network, which was just unbelievable,” says Kruger Litle, President of TCS Plumbing. “They arrested the guy and he’s now serving time. Not only did I get my truck back, but I got justice too, and it was all due to Teletrac.” 

Kruger says they chose Teletrac because he “was impressed with the service of Teletrac and was amazed at the ease of learning their software.” He also feels that fleet management is important to his business because it keeps the technicians honest as to where they are during the day. “It’s really easy when you provide trucks to the technicians for them to be doing their own errands, “says Kruger. He was concerned that his employees may have not been recording their time as accurately as they should be on their time cards. “It has saved me tons of money over the years that we’ve had Teletrac,” he says.
Using Teletrac also helps TCS Plumbing be accurate with their billing. If there is ever a question about how many hours were charged on the billing sheets, they simply pull up a report from Teletrac and send it to the managers to show them that their truck was there and for how long. TCS Plumbing also uses Teletrac’s in-cab vehicle displays for two-way messaging between dispatch and drivers. This eliminates the need for phones and makes dispatching easier altogether. Kruger mentions that their vehicle insurance requires that their drivers must not use the vans after hours. Being that the drivers take the vehicles home with them at the end of the day, TCS is able to enforce that requirement thanks to Teletrac's GPS tracking system.
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