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REVIEW: Ted and Al's Towing Review - Copy


Ted and Al’s Towing is a certified tow company for AAA Auto Club covering the San Francisco area. They receive more than 2,000 AAA calls a month with a fleet size of 20 trucks. AAA requires that its affiliate tow trucks respond within 30 minutes to a call, and Ted and Al’s Towing hits that 98% of the time. “That has a lot to do with Teletrac,” says Manager Ralph Hoover. Response time to their calls improved dramatically since they started using Teletrac over five years ago. “It (Fleet Director) works very well to make sure we don’t crisscross trucks. It saves us time and money and makes everything a lot more efficient,” says Ralph.

Before using Teletrac's Fleet Director® GPS fleet tracking platform, Ted and Al’s Towing called their drivers to find out where they were, and tried to guess who was best to dispatch to the call. Sometimes, other drivers would drive right past the customer on the way to a different call. “That no longer occurs,” says Ralph. He can use Fleet Director® to send the closest vehicle, making them as efficient as possible. He says, “We have very few problems getting through calls relatively quickly. It works out really good for us.” Ted and Al’s Towing also saves a lot of money on fuel costs by dispatching trucks more efficiently. “Fuel costs have dropped 25%,” Ralph says. Tow truck drivers drive more safely now, too.

Ted and Al’s Towing uses Digital Dispatch software integrated with Fleet Director to send messages to in-cab displays in the vehicles. Ralph explains “I don’t have to talk to them on the radio, which means that they don’t have to take their hands off the wheel, and they have the information right in front of them on the screen.” By having the information in the in-cab display, they can refer back to it if necessary, eliminating any miscommunication. Ted and Al’s Towing was also able to use Teletrac when they had been accused of hitting another car while towing a vehicle. Ralph says, “I invited the police department to come over and...we were literally able to print out what streets and cross streets (our driver) had been on, and show them the route. We were no where near the area they were talking about, I had the proof right in front of me!"

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