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Samsung Highlights GPS Benefits

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Data Blocks

Download The Case Study Here.
When Teletrac was choosing a platform to provide more value to customers earlier this year they turned to Android.
A new case study by Samsung illustrates how Teletrac has built a more robust and flexible logistics platform for its customers and their drivers on the Android platform.

A key way has been by integrating Samsung’s Galaxy Tab and its Android operating system to host Teletrac’s Drive app. Teletrac Drive for Android allows users to access multiple app-based functions, such as messaging, GPS navigation and compliance solutions.

The app suite is currently available on the Teletrac Tablet for Android and the 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.
The case study notes the benefits of the Tablet, including wireless connectivity: "The Teletrac system includes a Vehicle Location Unit (VLU), which is a small device installed in the truck and pings location and diagnostic information back to the Teletrac Cloud Services and Fleet Director Software. Unlike the previous tablet that had to be hard-wired to the VLU, the Samsung Galaxy Tab wirelessly connects to the VLU over Bluetooth, which significantly reduces installation time and cost. Depending on customer preference, the tablet can be removed from the enclosure and used by drivers when they stop for meals or overnight rests."
Customers with the Android offering have embraced the new user experience. Teletrac customer A.N. Webber noted it takes them less time to download logs, access reports and receive updates on delivery routes. “The trucking business is highly competitive, and we are always looking for ways to improve driver productivity and satisfaction,” said Rob Koch, Vice President of Operations, A.N. Webber.

Teletrac’s partnership with Samsung has proven to be a successful component to the company’s strategy of creating a faster and more reliable fleet management offering to its customers.

As the case study notes, "Teletrac plans to take advantage of the Galaxy Tab’s mobility and Android development platform for a number of enhancements like a photo application to capture images from an accident scene and delivery e-signatures. In the future, Teletrac will enable custom programs developed by their customers while ensuring a level of device management..."

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