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Should FMCSA Administrator Anne Ferro Resign? - Copy


Citing a bias against truckers and trucking industry, the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA) has requested Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Administrator Anne Ferro to resign.

OOIDA has asked Anthony Foxx from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) replace Anne Ferro immediately.  Ferro’s June 3, post to the Fast Lane blog titled, "Congress Shouldn’t Roll Back Safety; the Steps We’ve Taken Keep Tired Truckers off the Road" has upset many trucker advocates.

In Ferro’s blog post, she cites three deadly crashes that illustrate the need for more prohibitive HOS rules and regulations. She also defends the DOT’s rule change, saying it was research-driven and reinforces her claims by sharing the statistics the agency’s used from the beginning to justify the rule.

OOIDA, however, sees it much differently.

“The tone of this blog posting leads professional truck drivers to conclude that the Administrator feels they are actively seeking to cause accidents (or at the very least lack a commitment to safety) by opposing specific changes to the hours-of-service regulations,” the letter says. “Such comments coming from the Administrator of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, which are obviously intended to influence legislative efforts, are totally inappropriate and should not be tolerated.”

Drivers have long felt scrutinized and stereotyped with the reputation of being reckless when it comes to their attitudes and behaviors behind the wheel.  With driver fatigue cited as the main cause of traffic fatalities, drivers stress the importance of taking into consideration contributing factors such as: vehicle maintenance, employer demands, as well as the impact on their ability to make a living wage.

With the call for Anne Ferro’s resignation, will the divide increase or will driver advocates and regulators finally be able to see eye to eye?

The letter calling for Ferro’s resignation, signed by OOIDA President Jim Johnston, says that Ferro shows a “clear bias against truckers and the trucking industry” and that the agency “can no longer perform its regulatory and enforcement duties impartially.” OOIDA also accuses Ferro of violating federal laws that prohibit federally appropriated money to be used for lobbying purposes.

In reaching its decision, OOIDA’s Board of Governors voted unanimously to call for Ferro’s resignation.

“Ferro’s failure to perform her duties impartially, her failure to lead her agency to fulfill Congressional mandates and her failure to responsibly prioritize the agency’s tasks has left the OOIDA Board of Directors no choice but to unanimously vote in favor of a call for Ferro's resignation,” the letter says.

Do you believe Ferro is unable to perform her duties impartially? Let us know where you stand.

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