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It seems that everyone is in hurry once they are behind the wheel. The road is full of people that speed down highways, step on the pedal to make a light, and do just about anything to make up for a little lost time. Despite having little to no ability to beat the external forces of traffic and time, people still continually drive at excessive speeds that just put themselves in danger and increase their fuel consumption.
The fact is that the faster a vehicle travels, the bigger the risk of an accident. Every mile per hour higher means the greater the force of a vehicle in a potential collision. While a majority of people obey posted speed limits, there are plenty of motorists who believe a few miles per hour over the limit isn’t a big deal. This is simply not the case. The limits are there because of the way roads are designed and were made to protect people.
Managers of commercial fleets have to deal with their drivers speeding on a daily basis. Whether it’s a concern about speed violations, fuel consumption or a way to increase safety, there are plenty of ways to ensure that drivers change their speeding habits.
GPS Notifications to Monitor Excessive Speed
By implementing a global positioning system (GPS), fleet managers are able to see their employees driving habits and correct any speeding issues. Modern GPS software gives fleet managers speeding alerts and notifications that increases safe driving habits. The ability to show drivers active readouts of their excessing speeding goes a long way to break their bad habits. The result is an all-around safer and much more efficient fleet.
MPG Savings with Increased Fuel Efficiency
A wonderful byproduct of having a safer fleet that eliminates speeding is the increased MPG for each vehicle. Vehicles traveling 10 MPH over the speed limit are consuming 20 percent more fuel. And driving 20 MPH over the limit increases that consumption to over 25 percent!
With GPS tracking software like Fleet Director, managers can set speeding thresholds on their vehicles with just a few clicks. If a vehicle surpasses a set speed threshold, Fleet Director will automatically notify the driver and manager with an email or text message alert.
The result is drivers who don’t put excess stress on engines and increase their fuel efficiency. By maintaining safe speeds, each vehicle will have a much higher MPG, thus giving added savings to the entire fleet.

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