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Stories from Transportation: Couple Beats COVID

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As another week goes by during the current global pandemic, efforts around supporting our hardworking truck drivers have ramped up. Some efforts being launched have taken a creative turn. This week’s top feel good stories include impromptu events to feed truckers, a nationwide campaign to spread driver appreciation, and a brief story on a truck-driving couple’s amazing survival of COVID-19.

Trucker Couple Survives COVID-19

Chante and Ron Drew are a married truck driving couple that has been hard at work transporting essential supplies across the nation. Usually they take turns driving while the other sleeps. However, their operations changed this past April as Ron contracted the COVID-19 virus. As the couple attempted to maneuver around this new challenge, Chante also contracted the virus. Their ability to work and earn an income immediately vanished.

After being off work for almost 22 days, the couple was able to survive their bout with the virus. The couple also received much needed financial support from the St. Christopher’s Relief Fund that helps truck drivers in need. Watch their amazing survival story here and hear advice the couple has during these difficult times.


Valvoline Launches ‘Thanks to Truckers’ Initiative

Have you had taken the opportunity to thank a truck driver? In the event you have not, Valvoline Inc. is giving individuals and businesses a chance to do so through their recently announced ‘Thanks to Truckers’ initiative. The automotive services and supplier is accepting submissions for appreciation messages and notes of encouragement.

All submissions will be included with 7,500 care packages distributed to truck drivers across the nation. Valvoline will also share messages through Red Eye Radio, a nationally syndicated talk show that provides truck driver news and entertainment. For more information or to send your own message of appreciation, check out Valvoline’s ‘Thanks To Truckers’ homepage.


Sandwiches 4 Semis, A Free Meal to Say Thank You

Back by popular demand, a second event dedicated to feeding truckers was launched this past week. After successfully feeding 200 truck drivers during a ‘Feed the Truckers’ event last April, volunteers coordinated a second opportunity for truckers to receive a well-deserved meal. The second event, Sandwiches 4 Semis, A Free Meal to Say Thank You, was held in Fultonville, New York at the Nationwide Transportation Brokers. Truck drivers passing by were treated to a box meal sponsored by St. John’s Reformed Church. As of now there are no immediate plans for a third event, but we will be sure to keep you updated if we receive any word.


Blessing Bags for Truckers

During these difficult times, the contributions from truck drivers have become a blessing for those in need of vital supplies and resources. In Getzville, New York, the Asbury United Methodist Church has been recognized for ensuring truckers are aware of their essential work. The church will be handing out special ‘blessing bags’ to truckers passing truck stop areas along the New York State Thruway. Each bag is filled with a drink, snacks, fruit, and a religious token.

To date, more than 600 bags have been distributed. Asbury parishioners also intend to keep their initiative going for as long as possible. According to parishioner Pat Hair, who has led this effort, “Well we’re hoping to go at through next week, but as long as there’s a need. We’re going to keep going”.

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