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Technology Changing Fleet Management - Copy

Data Blocks
Data Blocks

Field service management (FSM) most commonly refers to companies who need to manage installs, services or repairs of systems or equipment. Traditionally, optimization in FSM has been a challenge since it involves multiple scheduling, routing and dispatching of technicians to varying locations. In turn, minimizing costs while maintaining quality customer service has been a tough feat. However, the way field service departments are increasingly being managed is evolving. With rapid advancements in internet technology, it’s clear there won't be a gradual shift in methodology.

This new generation of field service management may no longer require a technician to go on site to inspect every piece of equipment. Instead, via wireless technology, these machines can relay any necessary work orders and send usage updates to manufacturers without the need for an examination from a technician.

With pieces of equipment now boasting wireless communication capabilities, it means that field service departments cannot stick with their old school techniques. A field service company that still relies on dispatchers using whiteboards, file cabinets and paper documents will quickly be left behind, while modern, technologically advanced teams will continue to find growing success through mobile, cloud and social platforms.

Leveraging Big Data 

Possessing analytics and insights into equipment and machinery allows field service divisions to contact customers and provide them solutions before they are even aware of a potential problem.

Rather than technicians arriving to a jobsite as a reactionary measure, this new standard for field service gives customers will be a sort of preventative maintenance program that will keep their equipment running at full capacity without any downtime.

Soon this type of service will no longer be seen as a luxury because every business will need to have fully enabled networks that provide constant streams of data that provide insight into understanding their customers.

The more data that a field service company can compile, the better their analysis. And with this information, they can take initiative and supply real-time service to all of their customers.

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dennis jaconi, denny jaconiDennis P. Jaconi is a part of Teletrac's vibrant Marketing team and contributes insight into the ever changing world of m2m technology. He loves to speak directly with customers to learn how fleets are leveraging GPS solutions for improved business efficiency while reducing carbon emissions. To read these customer stories visit Teletrac's Customer Reviews Archive.


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