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There are few better ways to break the ice with someone than a well-timed joke. Next time there’s an awkward silence, or everyone is telling their favorite trucker jokes, share these hilarious short stories to lighten the mood!

The Angry Trucker

An easygoing truck driver was resting up and eating a delicious meal at a truck stop when a group of brawny motorcycle riders burst through the front door. They immediately started picking on the trucker and even stole his food. Yet, the trucker took it all in stride and said nothing back to the men. Instead, he simply finished what was left on his plate, paid for his meal, and walked back to truck to make his next delivery.
One of the biker’s then strutted up to the waitress and boasted about what he had just done.
"He's not much of a man, is he,” asked the biker.
The cashier glanced out the window and chuckled to herself.
"Looks like he’s not much of a driver either,” she said as she gestured out to the parking lot.
“He just backed his 18-wheeler over six motorcycles."

Street Smarts

Two men were driving their truck through an isolated highway when they came to an overpass with a sign which read "Clearance: 11 feet, 10 inches."
The driver pulled over and both got out so they could measure the truck. They both finished their calculations and agreed the truck was well over 13 feet high.
"What do you think," asked the passenger as they climbed back into the cab of the truck.
The truck driver looked to his left, then to his right, checked the rear view mirrors, and then shifted the truck into first gear.
"Not a cop in sight. Let's take a chance," he said.

Fill ‘Er Up

A young man had just started his first job as a waiter at a truck stop diner. As he began his lunch shift, a big trucker came in and sat down at the counter.
The trucker waved off the young man who had tried to hand him a menu and said, "Just gimme three flat tires and a couple of headlights."
Puzzled, the kid slowly walked back to the kitchen to show the cook what the trucker had just ordered.
"Is this guy crazy? Look at what he asked for,” the young man said.
The cook just rolled his eyes and replied, "These aren’t parts. He wants three flapjacks and two eggs, sunny-side up."
The waiter laughed at the newfound lingo and decided to take a bowl of beans to the driver. He placed the dish on the table and started walking back to the kitchen.
The trucker looked at the plate and growled.
"What's going on here? I didn't order this!"
The kid continued to walk, but turned back and smiled.
"While you're waiting for your parts, you may as well gas up!"
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