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At times, sitting in a vehicle for an extended stretch can cause just about any driver to go a little crazy. The long hours will begin to weigh on anyone. But with a little help, you can wake up and easily enjoy the road once more.
There are few things that can compare to the feeling of listening to timeless song while cruising around in your car. Whether it’s on a scenic highway or just a daily trek to work, the music you play in your car provides a refuge to the world outside. A particular song can transport you to another place or moment in time where you feel as if the ballad was written specifically for you.
But when an artist creates a song about the journey behind the wheel, it creates a whole new world of emotion for anyone listening to that track while heading down the highway. The music instantly becomes like a portal, and the rhythm and lyrics provide an escape from the mundane and recharge you for the ride ahead.
Whether it’s an appreciation for the freedom of the open road or letting off some steam because of stop and go traffic, singing or humming along to a driving ballad will help anyone on their trip. Not only will the time fly by, but this little lyrical escape also keeps you awake and focused on the task at hand.
So add a little flavor to your drive and crank out some of your favorite driving songs. Roll down your windows, turn up the stereo, and enjoy the magic of being out on an endless stretch of road.

Teletrac Reviews Top Driving Music

The list below is a fantastic assortment of classic rock songs that are some of the best driving songs ever written. So next time you want to hop in your car and escape from the ordinary, pop in this mix and let the music lead you on your journey.
War – Low Rider
The Cars – Let's Go (Midnight Special)
The Beatles – Drive My Car
The Beach Boys – Little Deuce Coupe
The Eagles – Take It Easy
Prince – Little Red Corvette
Sammy Hagar – I Can't Drive 55
A Flock Of Seagulls – I Ran
Gary Numan – Cars
Willie Nelson – On The Road Again
Modest Mouse – Dashboard
Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers – Runnin' Down A Dream
Did we leave out your favorite tune while behind the wheel? Let us know what your listening to on those long monotonous drives! Leave a comment below.

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