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Teletrac Reviews the Best Ways To Stay Awake On The Road - Copy


Whether it’s a bumper-to-bumper grind or an extended journey on a lonely lane that may induce a bout of Highway Hypnosis, all drivers will undoubtedly feel the exhaustion of staying on the road for a lengthy period of time. Beyond taking allotted breaks and getting a full eight hours of sleep, it’s important to find ways to stay alert on the road. Keep yourself, along with everyone else on the road, safe with these handy tips that help drivers wake up, and stay awake, while on prolonged trips.

Chew Away

Give yourself a light workout and a quick boost with a refreshing piece of peppermint gum. The aroma of peppermint stimulates the brain and gives you a shot in the arm when you’re feeling a bit groggy. However, the biggest perk is the escape from the mundane. Staring out at the road requires little to no facial stimulation, but chewing a piece of gum requires voluntary muscle use that will increase blood flow and fuel your brain to help you stay awake.

Laughter is the Best Medicine

There are few things better than listening to a great driving playlist while on a long drive. But if you’ve been on the road for an extended period, those songs can quickly morph from sing-alongs and party anthems to white noise. The best way to combat this is by mixing in a standup comedy act. Follow along with the laughs and keep yourself engaged by snickering at the jokes. The time will fly by and you’ll keep your brain alert with this hilarious tip.

Stay Engaged

Don’t fight the battle of staying awake alone. Keep your mind on something by bringing it the forefront. Listen to a podcast about your favorite hobby or plug in your Bluetooth and have a quick conversation with someone. This will get your mind working and allows you to stay mentally focused during any trip.

Find the Right Vice

There are far better options than guzzling down candy, caffeine and nicotine, but sometimes you need to succumb to your vices. The important thing is to minimize these necessities and not stuff your body full of unhealthy stimulants that will just lead to a bigger mental crash in an hour. Talk to your doctor and seek out healthier supplements like ginseng and protein bars that give your body the necessary boost to stay awake. Items like these are healthier in the long term, and you can still reach for the occasional energy drink or candy bar for the added mental boost.

Walk It Out

Lastly, make sure to keep yourself moving whenever you take a break. Pull over and take a walk around for a few minutes to give yourself a mental break and get your blood moving again. Sitting for extended periods of time and staring out at the road takes a bigger toll on your body than you realize. It’s important to keep alert in the short term, and also to keep your body and mind prepared for the next day, week, month and year.

So don’t let the road get the best of you. Try these helpful tips on your next drive and remember to pull over and rest whenever you start to feel tired.

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