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The Best Munchies For The Road - Copy

An extended day of driving is sure to present plenty of obstacles. The multi-hour drive on a long trip will tempt every driver to take shortcuts wherever possible. However one place no one should cut corners is meal and snack time. It’s tempting to load up on salty snacks and sweet treats to get through the trip, but this will just make the day even more problematic. An unhealthy diet provides instant gratification that will turn for the worse in the hours ahead when drivers must deal with sugar crashes, increased tiredness and a nagging headache to boot. Instead, make the smarter choice to pack these tasty and easily prepared in-cab foods that will leave you feeling full and prepared to take on every mile of the journey ahead.
Looking for something crunchy to snack on? Leave the temptation of those fried chips outside and bring along a package of nuts. Almonds, peanuts, cashews, walnuts, or any other favorite are provide a great taste, protein and healthy fats. Though these delicious treats are packed full of essential protein, keep portions small as the calories quickly add up and salted varieties will leave you feeling gassed. Any nutty snack is perfect to eat while driving because it can be packaged to give the ideal portion size. 
Another high-protein snack to keep nearby is yogurt. This cool and refreshing treat provides a respite from sitting around all day and offers plenty of nutrients to keep you going. Choose different flavors to put in your cooler or mini fridge and enjoy one while sitting in traffic to hold you over between meals. The protein will keep your mind functioning and the probiotics are essential for anyone who is on the road for extended periods of time.
Fruits and Vegetables
Make some room in that cooler or mini fridge for some refreshing fruits and veggies as well. Bringing a few apples, bananas and oranges will give you a much needed dose of freshness on your drive, and the vitamins will boost your immune system to keep you on the road, and on schedule. Adding a mix of tomatoes, carrots and other veggie snacks provides a low calorie option that holds over your appetite. Rather than reaching for a greasy snack, keep these fresh alternatives around to beat hunger and feel renewed all day.
Sometimes you may not be able to pull over and sit down for a lunch or dinner. Rather than succumb to the temptation of a fatty fast food meal, simply prepare a few sandwiches or wraps to place in your cooler as well. Pack a few containers of turkey or ham to keep meals lean and add on your favorite condiments and veggies. While it may not be a five-star option, this is perfect for quick meals at a rest stop or while on the road.
Protein Bars
Instead of loading up on candy bars that will make your sugar levels crash, pick up a couple of protein and meal replacement bars that can be eaten on the fly. Your brain needs protein to function at a high level, and having a protein bar within an arm’s reach will give you the strength and energy to keep going. 

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