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The Big Reason To Choose GPS Tracking - Copy


There are plenty of ways that GPS fleet management systems can benefit a company, but the biggest motivation to acquire the technology is to monitor the location of vehicles and drivers.

In fact, nearly one-third of fleet companies that invest fleet management systems do so in order to keep tabs on their employees, vehicles and various equipment, according to a recent survey completed by C.J. Driscoll & Associates.

Driscoll, which has over 20 years of experience in custom research including analysis of market status, trends and competitive environment, recently completed its study, which was conducted June through August 2013, based on a telephone survey of 508 fleet managers in a broad range of categories including service, trucking, utility, government fleets, and others.

Of the fleet managers that were surveyed, 65 percent said that a majority of their vehicles were equipped with GPS fleet management systems. The remaining 35 percent of fleet managers said they only have the systems in fewer than half of their vehicles.

Furthermore, the survey found that fleet managers who equipped their vehicles with GPS fleet management systems did so for the following primary reasons:

  • 33 percent stated that monitoring location of vehicles and drivers was a primary motivation for acquiring the system
  • 17 percent of the respondents said efficiency and time management were their primary motivations
  • 17 percent said safety or monitoring driver behavior was their primary motivation
  • 8 percent said monitoring or reducing fuel consumption or reducing idle time as a primary motivator
  • 7 percent said compliance or driver logs was the primary motivation for acquiring a GPS fleet management system
  • 3 percent said their primary motivation to install GPS fleet management systems was because customers require it
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