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The Dangers Of Smartphone Tracking - Copy

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Data Blocks

Smartphones have become commonplace in our daily lives, but that doesn’t mean they are the best solution to every problem.

Fleet companies invest a fortune into their business and relying on smartphone technology to protect that large investment could result in serious, unfavorable consequences.

Despite their capabilities, smart phone devices are unreliable when it comes to vehicle tracking and job management because of their technical limitations in daily operations. Smart device-based GPS tracking is dependent on round the clock access to GPS-enabled satellites, which requires a constant source of power or battery charge. Along with this, smartphones cannot monitor much more than a vehicle’s location. In addition, cell phones can also be broken, shut off, lost, or even tampered with by employees.

By comparison, vehicle-installed GPS tracking can do much more for a fleet.

Vehicle-installed GPS tracking provides continuous vehicle location, statuses and alerts. Fleet managers are also given access to a plethora of vehicle data like idle time, speeding, fuel consumption, maintenance, theft notification, geo-fencing and plenty of more information.

The upfront costs for a vehicle-installed GPS tracking system may be a bit higher, but the additional security, peace of mind, and return on investment are sure to pay off immediately for any fleet manager.

Reliability of Vehicle-Installed GPS Tracking vs. Cell Phone Tracking

Vehicle-enabled GPS tracking:

  • Can never be turned off, which safeguards a fleet from cell phone tower signal issues and instances of employee tampering
  • Provides fleet managers with stolen vehicle tracking and real-time safety data
  • Monitors driver idle time, which increases the entire fleet’s fuel economy
  • Sends immediate alerts and customized reports directly to fleet managers

Investing in a comprehensive fleet management tool like a vehicle-installed GPS tracking system is instrumental for every company. Installing the system is quick, simple and provides fleet managers with oversight of every vehicle, driver, job site, mile driven and gallon of fuel used.

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