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The Deep Business Data of ELDs

Data Blocks
Data Blocks

The approaching electronic logging device (ELD) mandate has generated a large amount of buzz in the transportation industry. Most of the conversation revolves around the short-term impact of the mandate – how to pick an ELD, what it takes to install the devices, and how to train drivers in their use. Perhaps even more important than this is the mandate’s long-term impact. ELDs put a great deal of data at a business’ fingertips. The data generated from ELDs can be applied to matters beyond federal compliance. Businesses need to know how to use this information in a smart and effective fashion if they want to take full advantage of ELDs.

ELDs put driver workhour information in a digital format. Once that information is recorded, businesses can analyze that data to determine which drivers routinely risk violating Hours of Service (HOS) compliance and other federal regulations In addition, companies can use ELD data to generate reports concerning employee use of time, job completion and route scheduling.

This is the long-term effect ELDs can have on businesses – a portal to better, stronger data regarding driver behavior. With ELDs installed in vehicles, fleet managers have access to an unvarnished account of how drivers spend their hours. This in turn can lead to more efficient deliveries, more satisfied customers and a more smoothly run business. 

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