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The Four Spookiest Driving Behaviors

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The average truck driver in the US logs about 125,000 miles every year, which means they’ve seen it all - the good, bad and ugly of what takes place out on the roads. But what about the scary?

In honor of Halloween, here’s a look at the four spookiest driving behaviors - as well as some safety tips on preventing them - according to truckers who entered last year’s #TruckersForSafety contest:

  • Tailgating and brake checking: 22% of truckers said it was important to leave a safe following distance between their trucks and other vehicles. Also, never brake check a truck. As one driver said: “Following distance is everything. You don’t know what the vehicle in front will do. Seriously, we’ve all seen all the crazy drivers out there. Being close means there’s no chance to stop or get out of the way.

    Another reason not to get too close? If a tire blowout happens or a mud flap comes loose, chances it are it will cause significant damage and/or injury if you’re too nearby.

  • Speeding: 19% encouraged drivers to slow down. “There are no shortcuts in safety. I’d rather be known as the driver that was late than the driver that didn’t make it.” - Timothy Walker, North Carolina

  • Cutting drivers off: 19% of truckers said drivers cutting them off when changing lanes, passing and merging was a major hazard - and an all-around scary choice, as trucks weigh far more than cars. “If I could tell drivers one thing, it would be that a truck cannot stop as fast as a car, so please stop risking your life by cutting us off,” said Janice from Georgia. “I see this every day, and every day I see an accident.”

  • Texting and driving: “It’ll eventually kill you,” said trucker Mark Ashley. How’s that for scary?

This Halloween, be sure to keep tricks off the road and do your part to treat drivers to the respect and care they deserve to avoid horror stories on the road.

To learn more about how you can improve driver behavior, visit our Driver Safety Solutions.

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