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In the ever-evolving world of GPS technology, it has become easier than ever to manage fleet efficiency and productivity with the added capability provided by polygon geo-fencing.

This breakthrough feature has enabled fleet managers to create polygon or any other custom-shaped geo-fences for their fleet. Now with a simple click of a mouse, operators can choose precise geographic points that are comprised of a fleet’s significant locations – such as job sites, fuel stops and local offices – and draw the ideal shape on a map.

Users can draw valuable and colorful polygons across the interactive mapping software, which enables fleet managers to create proactive route planning and maximize their fleet efficiency.

Once the polygon geo-fencing landmarks are created, users are able to zoom in and attentively monitor their fleet vehicles. This feature also includes the capability to distinguish which vehicle is nearest to a designated location.

There are a host of ways that polygon geo-fencing can help improve fleet productivity, including:

Customizable Locations
Use points to create and draw polygons on the interactive map that cover specific locations, such as job sites and their surrounding areas, administrative centers, parking garages and more. By using the mouse, users can easily grab and plot geographic points across, over or near precise positions on the map.

Easily Editable Geo-Fences
It’s simple to draw polygons or make any edits, such as adding, moving or eliminating points. The smaller points can be dragged to easily change locations and the map can be zoomed in on to the user-generated polygon areas to create a detailed, precise outline.

Proper Vehicle Usage
Polygon landmark technology displays whether a fleet vehicle is inside or outside of a geo-fenced area. The result is faster response times and improved customer service. Zoom features also enable users to quickly zero in on locations.

Locate Nearby Vehicles
The interactive mapping software shows the nearest vehicles located to a designated polygon geo-fence. Immediately see a list of the closest vehicles and landmarks, including their proximity and travel time to the marked region.

Continuous Updates
This geo-fencing technology enables users to remotely observe vehicle activity in real-time, such as when vehicles travel inside of a polygon landmark. Fleet managers can look at their sub-fleets or single vehicles as each travels in and out of the geo-fenced area directly on the interactive map.

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