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Whether it’s simple decals or all-encompassing wraps, the graphics that are on commercial vehicles go a long way in the public eye. This positive, indifferent or negative first impression of a vehicle’s aesthetics could very well make or break a potential business deal.

Having superior and captivating vehicle graphics is a way to show everyone that your company is proud of the brand and the reputation it holds.

Each vehicle graphic that is showcased by your fleet is essentially a public advertisement – and one that can be very costly. Because of the high cost of designing and installing vehicle graphics, there is no room for any mistakes. And repairs or replacements means lost revenue and vehicle downtime that could have been easily avoided with a smarter investment and improved maintenance habits.

Consider these problem areas before you make a large investment in your fleet’s vehicle graphics.

The lifespan of the vehicle graphics should be taken into consideration when it comes to the investment you’re willing to make. Regardless, the cheapest option usually results in the poorest results.

Products that have lower quality materials also could mean that installation costs would be higher to ensure the graphics stay on the vehicle. Choosing the right materials so your brand has a strong appeal should be the highest priority to promote overall public perception.

A design that is distracting or is the wrong size for the vehicle can be very detrimental for your brand. It is important remember that a design, no matter how great it may be, is not a one size fits all solution. The same vehicle graphics on a van may not have the same appealing look on a truck or car.

And when designing a graphic, remember that each should be simple, comprehensible and highly visible. Avoid doing too much and ensure that all contact information is easy to read for anyone that might be interested in your business.

It won’t matter how great your fleet’s vehicle graphics are if you fail to account for the natural elements that will break down the design. Sun exposure is the biggest culprit as it fades the design on the vehicle. This is why UV protection is necessary for all vehicles, but especially those in areas closer to the sun’s harmful rays.

Your entire fleet needs to have a consistent program that keeps the vehicles clean, including the graphics. This will reduce concerns of premature fading, cracking and discoloration of the vehicle graphics.

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