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The Sequester Slams Fleets - Copy


FedForum 2013, an annual conference catered to government fleet managers across a variety of industries, announced this morning that it, too, had become victim to sequester cuts. The show was originally slated for July 16-18, 2013 but will now be postponed indefinitely.

So What’s the Big Idea?

While the show has been suspended due to reductions in government spending  “in an effort to use our resources responsibly, and deliver better value and savings for our government partners, our vendors, and the American people,” according to the show’s sponsors, that leaves a void for opportunities to view interesting fleet management solutions.   

What the Show Would Have Covered

Exhibitors ranged from federal government fleets, aviation, boat, transportation, real property and personal property managers . The Federal Fleet Policy Council (FedForum), the primary sponsor of the event, represents federal agencies involved with the operation, maintenance, and repair of over 600,000 motor vehicles worldwide. FedForum is a coveted vehicle for government-wide liaisons among federal agencies, the private sector, and other governmental entities concerning vehicle management issues

With fleet management issues ranging from policy efforts to improve motor vehicle and aviation operations to dealing with the fiscal impacts on fleets, attendees were sure to gain invaulable knowledge.

But the fleet party doesn't have to end at FedForum. Let's take a look at Teletrac's commitment to fleet management in the government and NGO vertical that it would have showcased at the event:

  • Fleet Management Solutions, a division of Teletrac Inc., was one of the first companies in the nation to add a fleet management and tracking system to the General Services Administration (GSA) schedule. This addition  provides government and co-op buyers a simple approach to the procurement process.
  • To obtain GSA status, a thorough review of these metrics are conducted. GSA then awards a GSA Schedule Contract Number after negotiating discounted rates for government buyers and establishing a GSA price list. This provides government buyers with the best possible terms, making the procurement process less complex. Our company was one of the first to add an Iridium satellite-based fleet management and tracking system to the General Services Administration (GSA) schedule, providing government buyers and co-op buyers a more simplified approach to the procurement process.
  • Our company’s far-reaching enterprise satellite capabilities pass location, navigation and fleet tracking data directly through a low-earth orbiting modem. The delivered data is consistently reliable, secure and accurate while never losing signal.
  • Teletrac’s global tracking platform delivers visibility over entire fleets by improving efficiency, reducing fuel consumption and improving your bottom line. These combined capabilities resolve many fleet-wide problems, such as excessive fuel costs and safety management issues.

For more information about FedForum 2013, check out their website here.

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