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The Value Of Automated Timecarding - Copy


Fleet drivers are not always on the road for their entire work day. Some drivers finish early and take a longer lunch break, while others use the extra time to run personal errands. And without oversight in place, a fair share of these drivers may take advantage of their employers by improperly recording their hours of actual work.

Many fleet companies allow drivers to self-report their work hours, costing a company countless hours of productivity due to their drivers’ inability to report all activity.

Still, watching a driver’s every move isn’t the most effective way to curb these costly habits. Rather than constantly checking the whereabouts of their drivers and vehicles, fleet managers can instead get accurate time reporting by automating daily work hours with a robust telematics solution.

Using an automated time carding tool enables managers to accurately track the time it takes drivers to complete a number of tasks at several locations. A time-stamp for each delivery or event is provided, allowing managers to view updates for each vehicle.

Fleet managers can easily use a GPS location and vehicle data to track anything from delivery arrival and departure times to customer invoicing, including the ability to compare actual delivery times versus pre-set schedules. This time carding system offers advanced reporting that helps track and record driver work hours—where they’ve been and for how long, empowering managers to measure their fleet’s productivity.

One of the biggest benefits that automated time card reporting provides is the assurance that drivers are paid for the time they worked. Since the system automatically logs a driver’s hours, this means that time card reports can be generated and delivered directly to the payroll department or anyone in the company.

Most importantly, when a business is able to reduce time-consuming procedures, such as logging and manually inputting timesheets, employees are afforded additional time to focus on the more important aspects of their business.

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