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Three Steps to Implement an ELD Solution in your Business

Data Blocks
Data Blocks

Electronic logging devices (ELDs), once an optional investment for commercial and long-haul companies, will soon be federally mandated in 2017. Some companies have already begun to adopt the new technology and electronically track their drivers’ Hours of Service (HOS). 

With ELDs, businesses can gain a clear picture of their drivers’ hours and prevent violations before they occur. By adopting early, companies can ensure their staff is properly trained in using HOS software and can utilize the device to their full advantage. 

There are many HOS providers on the market. And choosing the right one to fit your fleet’s needs can be accomplished in the following three steps. 

1. Research what an HOS solution can offer your business beyond compliance 
HOS compliance protects the health and safety of your drivers, as well as the safety of everyone else on the road. Proper Hours of Service compliance tools go beyond keeping track of statuses. They lay the foundation for driver coaching programs. The right training, along with real-time Hours of Service feedback, can reduce the chance of a violation from occurring.

2. Compare providers
Not all HOS offerings are created equal. To ensure the technology meets your company’s needs when comparing providers, look out for:

•    Ease of use- Think about how the system will interface with drivers and fleet managers. Is the information easy to access? Easy to interpret? Do not assume that a system that works well for you will automatically work well for other members of your team.
•    Reliability- ELD providers with experience developing and testing the technology, along with providing guidance in each step of the process, from implementation, hardware installation and training to on-going account support, are important factors to consider.
•    Easy adoption for drivers- Drivers need to clearly understand, right from the beginning, how a new device will impact their work and productivity.
•    Stability- Look for a company with a long and excellent track record offering fleet management software with an HOS solution.

3. Buy an HOS solution that meets your compliance needs
A solution that is compatible with your business can add value beyond compliance. With multiple companies providing some of the same basic needs, choose a solution that goes the extra mile with data tools to help meet and exceed expectations. 

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