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Tire Safety: Fact Vs. Fiction - Copy


Proper tire maintenance goes a long way in ensuring safety and keeping a fleet vehicle on the road. But using many of the tips and tricks that people pass along could be putting drivers in danger.

Taking shortcuts is the quickest way to getting in trouble. So whether it’s inspecting, inflating or repairing tires, fleet companies should always perform the appropriate maintenance techniques in order to keep their drivers safe and vehicles running at an optimal level.

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A warning from the tire pressure monitor system (TPMS) can be ignored for a while because the vehicle can probably go hundreds of miles before service is actually required.

Vehicle warning systems are implemented for a reason, and companies need to take them seriously. By ignoring the warning, damage could be caused to the vehicle and could possibly lead to an accident.

If there is still tread design on the tire, then it is safe to use.

A variety of applications do not put a lot of miles on a tire, so the tire rubber can get too old to properly stretch, which can cause it to crack. The tires should be inspected after five years of use and then every year thereafter. At the 10-year mark, they should be replaced, regardless of how much tread remains on the tires.

Applying a plug-type repair or flat fixer fluid that is injected through the tire valve is acceptable.

Neither the United States Department of Transportation nor any tire company accepts this type of procedure. And using either will void the warranty of the tires.

Tips for Fleet Drivers


  • Routinely look for any traces of tread wear or damage.
  • The utmost important aspect of tire maintenance is proper tire inflation.
  • Regularly rotating tires will help prevent irregular and premature wear.
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