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Top 5 Alerts for Fleet Management - Copy


Fleet management has evolved into something much more than simple location data. The advancements in fleet technology have given managers the ability to receive notifications regarding vehicle maintenance, driver speeding and other issues than can be avoided to minimize company operating costs, while also promoting safety, productivity and compliance to new laws.

With the right provider of vehicle information, fleet managers and owners can easily save time and money at all levels of their operation. There are plenty of ways to simplify fleet management, including receiving alerts when specific vehicles need to be closely monitored.

5 Essential Fleet Management Notifications

Idle Alerts
Idle alerts notify fleet management when a driver exceeds recommended idle times, so the issue can be resolved on the spot. The ability to eliminate idling time is the best way to significantly increase driver productivity.

Speeding Alerts
Be notified when a driver is speeding to better address the behavior immediately. Fleet managers can pinpoint the biggest offenders within their fleet and work toward correcting the issue in order minimize safety risks, reduce excessive fuel consumption and over vehicle depreciation.

Maintenance Alerts
Keeping the entire fleet in service is made simpler with the help of maintenance alerts. Send an email or text message to the person in charge of scheduling maintenance to ensure every vehicle in the fleet is running at peak performance. The instant maintenance alerts keep vehicle emissions low, retain fuel economy and even improve all around customer service.

Off-Hours Alerts
Employees using fleet equipment, without permission, will lead to expensive incidences. Prevent it from taking place by getting off-hours alerts delivered as they happen. Fleet managers simply set up the hours which vehicles are designated to be used and are notified if they are operated outside of the defined period.

Geo-Fence Alerts
Know exactly when an employee has strayed from any location you’ve identified with geo-fence alerts. Geo-fencing allows for the creation and monitoring of parameters within routes that have been identified by fleet management.

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