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Top 5 Benefits of Geo-Fencing - Copy


Geofencing Provides Fleets with Added Assistance

Applying geofencing technology to GPS software allows fleet managers to create and monitor their own customized restrictions within fleet routes. This equipment lets companies track fleet vehicles along with user-generated boundaries that help oversee a driver’s adherence to safety requirements and particular route parameters.

Geofencing was developed to make sure that drivers stay within the boundaries that a fleet company considers appropriate. This provides an excellent way for fleet managers to monitor drivers while on the clock, and each of the individual benefits add up to an increased profit for the company.

Five Biggest Advantages of Geofencing

1. Stay on Course

Identify where drivers are able to travel by setting up visible parameters on a map that designate appropriate driving areas. Creating these landmark locations (such as work sites, drop off points, freeways, etc.) shows fleet drivers where they are allowed to go while on the clock. The GPS software then reports whether a vehicle enters or exits a geofenced area, and how long it spent in those zones.

2. Cut Down on Inappropriate Vehicle Use

Because the GPS software reports on how long a vehicle has been outside of a designated zone, fleet managers can then notify drivers of their actions. Recognizing if a driver is routinely using a vehicle in an inappropriate manner and eliminating that action will save the company a lot of money in fuel costs and man hours.

3. Increase Safety

Knowing where a driver is at all times means a person is there to protect them by monitoring their adherence to safety standards. And distinguishing driver habits will alert managers if something seems out of the ordinary. Being able to see if a driver is stuck outside of a geofenced area enables fleet managers to contact a driver and send help if it is necessary.

4. Reduce Theft

Geofencing and landmark usage also allows fleet managers to quickly retrieve stolen vehicles. The GPS software displays where a vehicle is at all times, which enables companies to quickly notify the authorities regarding any missing or stolen vehicle, as well as the ability to send them the exact position of where the vehicle is located.

5. Automated Updates

The technology provided by geofencing software enables for fleet managers to receive constant, automated updates. These updates provide fleet managers with validated, time-stamped records of any vehicle’s activity.

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