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Tracking Equipment Utilization By Jobsite

Data Blocks
Data Blocks

Accurate asset utilization data is the holy grail of equipment management and one of the primary appeals of telematics. If you take it one step further – by tracking equipment usage by jobsite – and you get a whole new set of benefits. The addition of jobsite-based asset utilization reporting helps improve fleet operations and profitability in at least five ways.

  • Better cost accounting
  • Equipment optimization by job
  • Discouraging equipment hoarding
  • Tracking subcontractor hours
  • Improving job bids

These capabilities add substantial value to telematics deployments above and beyond core applications such as real-time asset tracking, standard equipment utilization reporting and optimized preventive maintenance scheduling. It's a classic case of better information enabling better management. Choosing a telematics system with jobsite utilization tracking functionality can help get you there.

For more information about tracking equipment by jobsite, check out our own Dick Savage's piece at the Association of Equipment Management Professionals.

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