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Truckers And Other Unsung Heroes That Keep America Moving

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A Big Thank You to the Truckers, Warehouse Workers, Delivery Drivers and More During the Pandemic

We are living in unprecedented times of social-distancing prompted public shutdowns due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. As more and more cities, counties and now states implement ‘shelter-in-place’ orders (or mandates of a similar nature), the needs for crucial goods – such as food, medicine, medical supplies, anti-bacterial cleaning supplies and other household essentials – are still there, if not heightened. Take a moment to think about all the supply-chain and logistics steps involved in getting all of these items to you, to the medical facilities, and to the grocery stores. That’s a lot of steps with a lot of people, right? These people are going unnoticed during this current crisis we are all living in.

To be clear, the news stories, social media mentions, media features and articles highlighting the selfless efforts of the medical, military and local and federal government personnel are VERY warranted and deserved, but those are numerous. We are extremely thankful for all the people tirelessly working to help the growing amount of people impacted by the pandemic.

But what we don’t hear enough about are those aforementioned people working in those unheralded occupations. Let’s explore those unsung heroes and show them thanks as well!


Not only are these men and women making sure essential goods get to where they need to go for our benefit, they are also sacrificing time away from their friends and family at a concerning time where it might be valued most. Thank you, truck drivers! Thank you for remaining behind the wheel, on the road and away from home for us.

The FMCSA recently shared their gratitude as well.

Warehouse Employees

Somebody has to get those goods on the trucks, right? Working in a warehouse has long been rigorous work but add the stresses of the current environment to that and these people have got to be exhausted at the end of the day. Thank you all! Thank you for your diligence and dedication to getting the world what it needs. Special shout out to the warehouse and provisioning teams at Teletrac Navman for getting our product out the door to keep our trucking customers moving!

Grocery Store Workers

In these unique times of restaurant closures and – let’s say – exaggerated amounts of product purchases, these employees work later hours to keep the shelves stocked as best they can. And the cashiers have to work in close proximity to the public despite the recommended six-feet of personal space suggested by social-distancing standards. Thank you to all the men and women who work in grocery stores! Thank you for staying open and putting yourself at risk so we can continue to buy life’s necessities.

Delivery Drivers

Speaking of those new product purchasing habits…those have typically led to depleted availability and accessibility. In those times we find ourselves relying more heavily on food and goods delivery services. Much like the truckers, these important people are taking time away from their loved ones in a disconcerting time. Not only that, much like those grocery cashiers, they may also find themselves in close proximity to others. Thank you, delivery drivers! Thank you for continuing to provide us with the items we need yet may not want to leave the house ourselves for.

If you know anyone in any of these occupations, be sure to sincerely thank them and give them an air-five! If you don’t know any of them, thank the next cashier or bank teller you interact with. Tips those delivery drivers a little extra during this time. Or simply spread the word on your social media channels about the tremendous work the truck drivers and warehouse workers are doing. It’s time to also sing the praises of all of these men and women who are making our lives easier and as close to normal as it can be.

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