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Trucking Operations Simplified With GPS Tracking Software

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Data Blocks

Trucking carriers and managers face daily operational tasks that involve multiple moving parts at one time. Tasks can range from supervising drivers, to vehicle maintenance, and tracking assets.

Managing these business functions does not need to be a challenge. And with GPS tracking technology, carriers can organize their fleet in an easy-to-use software solution.   

John Allen, of the JE Allen Trucking Company, and a Teletrac customer, says:

“We have used Teletrac for 3 years. The seamless integration of HOS, DVIR and fleet tracking are just a few of the features we use every day. I would recommend this product to any company looking to streamline their fleet operations.”

JE Allen is hardly alone. Teletrac’s customers include Ryder, Bancroft and Sons, LeFebvre Companies, Builders FirstSource, Atlas Copco, and almost 22,000 more. Not all of Teletrac’s customers are trucking companies. But as John Allen mentioned, features such as integrated HOS solutions make Teletrac a great match for this particular industry.

Real-time GPS tracking and analytics not only handle many aspects of compliance automatically, but also improve training, dispatch, and security. Teletrac’s Fleet Director records and analyzes driver behavior, flags instances of unsafe driving or excessive idling, vehicle diagnostics and other business intelligence features. Fleet managers can utilize this information to identify which drivers are practicing unsafe driving and need additional training, thus adjusting pay scales accordingly. Given the ongoing driver shortage and high turnover rate, well trained and better informed drivers have a tendency to stay loyal to their employer. Keeping talented drivers on board creates dramatic savings in terms of training and recruitment costs.  

Additionally, knowing where one’s vehicles are located in real time makes last-minute schedule adjustments easier.

And no need to worry about theft. If a vehicle is stolen, GPS tracking can immediately pinpoint the asset and recover the load in a timely manner, as Desert Limo Services, a Teletrac customer, recently experienced. In the worst-case scenario, if a driver is incapacitated in an accident or by a medical emergency, GPS tracking also makes it possible for emergency personnel to find that employee and provide immediate care.

Better driving, more efficient routing, and less idling automatically translate into better fuel economy. With Teletrac’s FleetCard service, automatically tracking fuel purchases and usage eliminates expensive driver habits and prevent further theft.

According to customer surveys, companies using Teletrac’s Fleet Director service consistently see several dramatic benefits:

  • Fuel consumption reduced by as much as 30%
  • Overtime down by 15% (or sometimes more)
  • Unauthorized vehicle use drops by 12%
  • Productivity goes up by 12%

Teletrac’s GPS tracking streamline fleet operations and centralize daily tasks to improve your company’s bottom line.

Perhaps best of all, Teletrac is scalable. And whether a company has two trucks or two hundred, whether it needs just a little help or a lot, Teletrac will be there.

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