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What Does Fleet Creep Mean To You? - Copy

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Though fleet companies from all over the world are using cutting edge technology to reduce expenses, there is a growing problem that fleets are experiencing. The “fleet creep” issue is where the overall size of a fleet slowly naturally grows over time. And supervision of the size of a fleet should be a top priority for any manager because that’s where emissions cutbacks and cost savings are found.

Consider these simple and effective ways to cut down your fleet creeps and start applying smarter business practices to save money for the entire company.

Unnecessary and Seldom Used Fleet Creeps
Fleet managers should focus on how vehicles are being utilized, and identify infrequent or rarely used vehicles and equipment. This is important because a fleet doesn’t have to possess every vehicle to conduct its day-to-day operations. These seldom used items can just as easily be rented to cut down on overall costs and reduce maintenance time.

Fleet Creep Fuel Efficiency
Acquiring vehicles that are newer and more fuel-efficient should be done on a regular replacement cycle. Newer vehicles offer far better fuel economy and if a fleet isn’t updating its vehicles on a consistent basis, then older vehicles will continue to guzzle potential profits away.

Downsize Vehicles
Fleets often purchase and stick with a certain class of vehicles when it may not be necessary. Managers should perform weight and payload analysis to determine the fleet’s actual need. A fleet of smaller, sleek vehicles may be far more practical for drivers.

Eliminating Dead Weight
Create rules that require drivers to eliminate deadweight that accumulates inside of a fleet vehicle. This combats the amount of fuel that a vehicle requires and reduces its greenhouse gas emissions as well. Over time, the savings of eliminating all of this weight being lugged around by a fleet vehicle will pay off big for a company’s bottom line.

In the end, fleet managers understand what is best for their fleet. But taking a closer look at what could be affecting company profits should be done routinely in order to stay on top of overlooked fleet issues.

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