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What Is Diagnostics Reporting? - Copy

Data Blocks
Data Blocks

The Vehicle Diagnostics feature is an advanced option available in next-level GPS tracking software platforms, such as Teletrac's Fleet Director Platform.

Diagnostics reporting helps fleet managers ensure the safety and longevity of their vehicles. Once the data, such as fuel/maintenance and fault code information, is collected from a vehicle's engine, Fleet Director creates customized and comprehensive diagnostics reports. The reports include easy-to-use, data-filled dashboards with charts and graphs, allowing managers to note potential risks and help improve overall efficiency and performance.

This increase in efficiency and performance quickly translates to savings across the board for the entire fleet.

Fleet managers are able to see a virtual look into any vehicle’s engine data, which provides useful insight into driver habits. Being able to see if a driver is routinely making excessive hard stops and committing unnecessary hard braking provides a fleet manager the ability to take immediate action in correcting these behaviors. This ultimately improving efficiency and reduces the costs associated with the poor habits.

Fault Codes and Vehicle Service Reporting
Fleet Director makes it easy to create dashboards to view a fault code count for each vehicle. Monitoring fault codes and vehicle service reporting allow potential vehicle breakdowns to be diagnosed before they happen, reducing unnecessary costs and repairs.

Diagnostic Reports
Diagnostic reports, such as Fleet Director’s Vehicle Diagnostics Report, list each failure item in chronological order by event time and date. The report includes the odometer reading during the event, message identification for the specific fault code, parameter/subsystem identification, failure mode identifier and current engine status. Having this information readily available reduces a vehicle’s down time exponentially and gets your driver back on the road as quickly as possible.

Additional Reporting
Additional reporting features include engine operating hours and locations, in-motion time – such as when a vehicle was on, moving and total idling time, fuel consumption (for a single vehicle, sub-fleet or the entire fleet), speeding and other key operating data important to the business. Identifying and correcting any of these issues is an easy way for a fleet to quickly improve its bottom line.

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