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What Is Exception Reporting? - Copy

Data Blocks
Data Blocks

In the GPS fleet tracking world, an exception is exactly what the word implies: unexpected data.

But what does that mean exactly? The Merriam Webster dictionary defines the term as, “anything excluded from or not in conformance with a general rule, principle, class, etc.”

That's a lot of room for interpretation, so let's look at an example. When you predict your company's monthly budget for fuel costs to be, $6,000 within a 10% variance and it turns out to be $20,000…that’s definitely an exception to your own personal business rules.

Gauging these exceptions through a reporting solution is critical to good management practices. Here are three impressive features of exception reporting:

Ultimately, exception reporting allows users to view all exception conditions violated by each fleet vehicle during a designated time set by the dispatcher. This gives management easy access to information that identifies repeat exceptions/violations, which helps train and coach personnel.

Managers can then view all exception conditions violated by vehicles, such as being out-of-zone and stationary, during a specific time period.  

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