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What Is ShuttleMED's Secret? - Copy


In an industry where customer service is the most important aspect for a successful business, it’s imperative to improve and maintain relationships through efficient communication and top-of-the-line service.

And for ShuttleMED, their biggest goal was finding an effective way to enhance customer relationships for their Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) services.

Founded in 2003 with originally just one vehicle and one client, ShuttleMED has grown into one of the leaders of NEMT in Orange County, CA. The ShuttleMED fleet now features over 30 vehicles. To better serve its growing list of clients, the company decided to partner with Teletrac, and the results couldn’t have better.

Teletrac has helped our company in a variety of ways,” said William Manalo, president of ShuttleMED. “[The] most dramatic improvement has been overall customer satisfaction.”

By using Teletrac’s GPS services, ShuttleMED has been able to provide optimized customer service through faster and more effective responses through mapping and routing information, while also saving the company on fuel costs by scheduling optimal routes for its drivers.

“Our dispatch team has been able to increase efficiency in transporting patients especially reducing wait times. Having the tools to locate and dispatch the closest vehicle to each patient makes for a happy customer,” Manalo said.


The Fleet Director software provided by Teletrac has also enabled ShuttleMED to avoid unnecessary repair costs by keeping vehicles well-maintained with the vehicle and maintenance reports.

“The vehicle reports and maintenance report are invaluable tools to keep our vehicles well maintained and avoid costly repairs,” Manalo said.

For a growing fleet that completes over 10,000 trips per month, every optimized route and watchful eye on maintenance means immense savings in the short- and long-term that translates into improved all-around customer service.



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