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What's So Trendy About Fleet Metrics? - Copy

Data Blocks
Data Blocks

While numbers never lie, it’s important that the right type of data is being tracked in fleet metrics.

An increased emphasis on fleet metrics has turned a great way to the measure performance of an entire fleet and its supplies into a bit of a buzzword that may fall on deaf ears.

This is why understanding what data to monitor is especially important instead of charting all possible information that takes countless man hours to process and analyze. To be effective in understanding performance shortfalls, the fleet metrics you chart should be part of daily management.

For starters, it’s important to set realistic goals for improvement. An attainable goal makes it so the bar can be raised again. This way companies can continually improve processes and overall fleet performance, and have the data to show the results to customers.

Choosing Which Fleet Metrics to Track
With all of the data available, it’s important to remember that the most potent fleet metrics are ones that measure sought after business results like improved performance, reduced costs and anything else that can be quantified.

Analyzing your fleet metrics will allow you to see current data compared to past performance of areas such as fuel efficiency of vehicles, route optimization, maintenance costs and other items you wish to track.

While there are easily identifiable areas, you should not fixate on only those. Good measurements of fleet metrics include the evolution of the data that is charted. Focusing on only a few areas for a prolonged period of time means that you are not exploring other potential money wasting expenses.

Establish Importance of Fleet Metrics
Fleet managers need to determine what is important and not simply hoard data for the sake of it. Using the data to establish benchmarks is the key to improving the entire fleet’s performance. This allows you to look at where the fleet metrics place the company from a historical perspective and compare for future events as well.

Once you have identified and established the importance of fleet metrics, you’ll be well-prepared to prove trends and find innovative ways to reduce company costs across the board.

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