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Why Does This Construction Company Rely On Fleet Tracking Reports?

Data Blocks
Data Blocks

Louis Smith Construction is a full-service commercial concrete contractor based out of Richmond, Virginia. The company is a true family business and is now in its second generation, under the leadership of the son of the late founder, Louis Smith.

Since 1973, the company has worked to provide quality service for its customers and clients. It does everything from curb and gutter creation and sidewalks to colored concrete, to exposed aggregate and sand filter boxes. It is a certified installer for Grasscrete, a pervious concrete product. Pervious in this case means that water can move right through it and soak into the ground beneath—an important tool in reducing storm runoff, which in turn reduces flooding downstream. The company even does concrete demolition.

And, like any contractor, the company has vehicles in need of tracking. Not only does GPS fleet management software help with security, fuel economy, and safety, but it also helps support more efficient routing and better communication between dispatcher and driver. Quick and efficient travel is especially important with concrete, which must generally be placed within an hour and a half of being mixed or the material could become too dry to use. A cement truck driver does not have time to get lost or to get stuck in traffic on the way to a job site.

Fortunately, Louis Smith Construction called Teletrac for the help it needed.

Teletrac’s telematics service made it simpler and easier for the contractor to keep track of its vehicles, in the process saving time, effort, and money. Louis Smith Construction also raves about the user-friendly way the Teletrac service delivers information, commenting that “we really like the daily reports, quick and easy and right at our finger tips first thing in the morning.” The human part of the equation earns equally rave reviews—any issues that come up are dealt with quickly and in a professional manner and Teletrac personnel show a genuine interest in making their clients happy.

A contractor that can keep track of its own equipment can do a better job of making sure their own customers stay happy. Louis Smith prides itself on its own excellent service and low prices, so it should be in a position to notice and value the virtue of excellent customer service in others.

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