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Why fleets (and telematics providers) need to keep security top-of-mind

Data Blocks
Data Blocks

When thinking about providing exceptional customer service, things like friendly staff, fast delivery time and consistent communication often come to mind. But, having a shipment arrive on time or receiving a quick response from the support team are irrelevant if your customers’ data is left unprotected. 

In a growing world of hackers, fraudsters and other malicious types, it is imperative that fleets put strict security protocols in place—especially with the ELD mandate now in full effect. There is a common misconception, though, that drivers using e-logs are vulnerable to being hacked and losing control over the vehicle. Instead, the more problematic concern should be the vulnerability of data being sent between the ELD, a fleet’s back office and the FMCSA’s own cloud system for transferring data to law enforcement.  

It’s next-to impossible to take control of a vehicle through an ELD, as most are designed to only collect and store telematics data, but because a lot of these systems capture commercial driver’s license numbers and a driver’s name, there is personally identifiable information that needs safeguarding—wherever it lives. 

In addition to employee data, information on where and when your customers’ shipments are delivered is collected. It may not seem as incriminating as personally identifiable information, but it is to their competitors. Your customers should be confident in the protection of their most sensitive business information—just as they would with the safe handling of shipments.

That’s why Teletrac Navman is pursuing the highest level of security authorization from the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program, or FedRAMP, for its GPS fleet tracking platform DIRECTOR.  

Following an initial round of technical reviews, DIRECTOR is now deemed “FedRAMP Ready” and has been prioritized to receive a Provisional Authority to Operate (P-ATO) from the Joint Authorization Board (JAB)—comprised of CIOs from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, General Services Administration and Department of Defense. Once a fully FedRAMP-authorized product, DIRECTOR will be certified as a highly secure third-party cloud solution and, therefore, a product that government agencies can use for maintaining fleets. 

Meanwhile, non-government businesses can rest assured that their data is safe with Teletrac Navman, as they’ll receive the same government-grade security protection for their data. Because taking great care to protect sensitive information isn’t just “nice to have;” it’s simply good business. 

Learn more about Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR, including DIRECTOR ELD. 

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