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Will a Trump Presidency Affect the ELD Mandate?


An article this week in trade magazine Fleet Equipment takes a look at how the new administration in Washington might affect the law regarding electronic logging devices for trucks. Conclusion: there’s little reason to expect that the ELD mandate will be scrapped. Some have speculated that the rule’s implementation deadline might be revised but there are no indications this will happen—in the midst of all the activity that accompanies a transition in the White House and changes in Congress, trucking regulations are not a high priority. Fleet Equipment also considers other legislation related to the trucking industry and the changes next year may bring.

Expectations are that the mandate will be upheld, but there are more important motivations for business-savvy fleet managers and truckers to add ELD technology as soon as possible. The automated Hours of Service (HOS) solution allows businesses to instantly view data that can help determine if driver hours contribute to inefficient vehicle use that may burn the business’ resources. The technology also provides continuous assessments of job assignments to view violation trends for better cost-savings.

To learn more about electronic compliance options, check out our Electronic Logging Device.

Read the full story from Fleet Equipment here:

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