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UK - Press Release - University of Warrick strikes deal with Teletrac Navman to enhance fleet visibility
The university, which has not previously embraced telematics, other than in its research programmes, implemented Teletrac Navman’s end-to-end mobile asset...
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UK - Press Release - Why green will be the next tick box for procurement
By the end of the 2020/21 budget, local councils across the UK will have collectively spent nearly £50bn in public money, something that comes with high...
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UK - Press Release - The role of procurement in the shift towards electric vehicles
The impact of Covid-19 has shaken our society to the core over the past twelve months. However, the threat posed by global warming has not gone away...
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UK - Press Release - EV transition eased by advanced fleet data analysis
Electrification has emerged as the most popular technology for chasing reduced emissions. The challenge is to be ready for the government’s plan to ban sales on new petrol and diesel vehicles.
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UK - Press Release - East Riding of Yorkshire Council to enhance fleet visibility with Teletrac Navman deal
EROYC provides a full range of local government services, including the transportation of materials and personnel, which in a regulated environment requires the effective management and utilisation of resources.
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UK - Press Release - Teletrac Navman recharges the market with new EV product
The EV Readiness Tool integrates seamlessly with Teletrac Navman’s advanced fleet management and tracking platforms and analyses all telematics data to...
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UK - Press Release - The power of tachograph realised in COVID era
During the national lockdown, as demand for goods shot up, the government extended the amount of time drivers could operate their vehicles to ensure medical...
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UK - Press Release - Teletrac Navman delivers its new platform to Magnus Group
Magnus Group, which provides warehousing, transportation, and haulage for companies across the UK and Europe, sought a supplier who could provide the latest gen
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UK - Press Release - New campaign launches to celebrate the hidden heroes behind the wheel
A new UK-wide campaign has launched today to shine a light on the unsung heroes who have kept the country moving during the Coronavirus pandemic.
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UK - Press Release - Next Generation AI-Based Telematics Platform – TN360
The Solution Uses the Power of Artificial Intelligence to Revolutionise the Mobile Asset and Fleet Management Market...
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UK - Press Release - Don't idle in fight against air pollution
Air pollution is a hot topic for all fleet managers, drivers and pedestrians and the current Covid-19 pandemic has only thrown the issue back into the spotlight
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UK - Press Release - AI and its impact on public sector fleets
At the heart of digital transformation is artificial intelligence (AI), and although it gets a lot of airtime and is a term that’s widely used, many people don’t necessarily understand what it means and how it’s set to be a big part of the industry’s...
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UK - Press Release - Easing Rules Shouldn't Cloud Compliance
The coronavirus pandemic has impacted all corners of the transport and logistics industry. To limit the damage, the government has temporarily relaxed and suspe
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UK - Press Release - Facilitating a Green Fleet
Adopting electric vehicles is certainly an industry hot topic, with the Prime Minister recently turning his attention to the transition by pledging to speed...
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UK - Press Release - Teletrac Navman drives growth with Chris Wright win
With a long and respected history in the haulage industry, Chris Wright Ltd. supports a wide range of customers across all corners of the UK, particularly...
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