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Teletrac Navman ELD Answers

The info you need to understand what an ELD is. Learn about the ELD mandate and find the right solution for you.

New rule, same requirements

It’s the law. If your operation currently requires that you keep a record of hours of service (HOS), you will be replacing paper log sheets with the electronic logging device known as an ELD. For exceptions to this rule see the FAQs section.

Here’s the good news, electronic logging makes the HOS job simpler. The data you are already maintaining will now be recorded automatically. Electronic logs mean less paperwork, more time, better productivity, improved driver safety and a substantial increase in profitability. 

This guide is your one-stop resource for answering the big questions — the what, how and when and other information you’ll need when you’re adding ELDs (electronic logging devices) to your commercial motor vehicle (CMV) fleet.

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Teletrac Navman ELD


The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has issued the official ELD mandate—516 pages of it. And if these regulations apply to your fleet vehicles and drivers, you’ll need to comply with every provision in those pages if you want to avoid violations and fines.

The published mandate defines the law but it might not answer the questions you have such as how it affects you, how to prepare your organization for the new technology, what benefits you can gain when implementing electronic logs effectively and how to compare the technologies that are available.

Learn more about the Final Rule, electronic logging device technology, changes, facts vs. misconceptions, safety, profitability, what an ELD is, and more, by exploring ELD answers here.