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Food Miles and CO2 Emissions Infographic

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Data Blocks

What are food miles, and why are they important? Food miles refer to the distance that food travels to get to a consumer, and they’re an indication of the resulting emissions that can affect the environment. Why are food miles bad? Transporting produce thousands of miles via truck, rail, ship and especially air will result in more emissions.



The Food Miles and CO2 Emissions of American Foods - Infographic




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Ultimately, it’s better to get produce from local, sustainable food systems in order to reduce food miles. Issues with these metrics, however, come when one realizes how much production counts toward emissions. For most meals, meat has the primary impact on your food carbon footprint, even if it’s sourced locally. Don’t forget to include production as well as travel when you add up food carbon emissions! Then, consider how to reduce food miles and buy your produce locally.