Solutions for On Time Ready Mix Concrete Production and Logistics


Getting concrete to site, quickly and efficiently as well as tracking delivery details and providing accurate progress reports is part of how technology can transform  operations.  Teletrac Navman serves ready-mix concrete operations with a range of telematics solutions. 

Managing timely deliveries of ready-mix concrete to multiple customers and sites while maintaining quality and efficiency are just some of the many challenges facing concrete suppliers. But it can get easier with real-time telematics. Teletrac Navman serves the ready-mix concrete industry with GPS location, job dispatch, electronic record keeping and data analytics solutions. 



Collecting data from assets is part of the global IoT revolution transforming the ready-mix market. The potential to convert data into operational insight and business value is generating extraordinary growth in the adoption of telematics technology. Teletrac Navman provides an integrated telematics platform that connects any asset - empowering forward-thinking companies to unlock the potential of their data to increase productivity, reduce costs, and ultimately achieve a higher level of customer service excellence.

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Track precise equipment location via GPS – locate key equipment when you need it, monitor engine hours, mileage/position reports, sensor alerts, use geofences, fuel usage reports, reduce idle time/hoarding and prevent unauthorized use or theft.


Create maintenance logs, track engine hours for scheduled maintenance, plan preventative repairs, identify and prioritize equipment that has been worked hardest, receive maintenance alerts, avoid breakdowns and maximize equipment uptime.


Gain visibility into production and haul cycles, payload and daily targets vs. actual productivity with real-time data. Identify your best and worst cycle times, most efficient equipment and understand where you can improve production. Lower costs, increase ROI - find that extra haul or extra hour in every day.


Improve fuel efficiency, gain accurate accounts of idle time, track fuel consumption, benchmark fuel use across your fleet. Teletrac Navman integrates fuel tracking, forecasting and consumption solutions with sister company Gilbarco Veeder-Root, one of the world’s leading technology suppliers for pumps, fuel measurement and tanks.


Seamless dispatch for your transportation trucks – manage concrete or asphalt delivery on time and in the right location - confirm deliveries in real-time. Go paperless and have digital documents instantly recorded; chain-of-custody, inspection sign-off, delivery receipts, and capture signatures for verification.


Provide turn-by-turn navigation from plant to site - ensure deliveries are completed efficiently and comply with route restrictions – improve customer service and avoid wastage.


These top solutions are merely breaking the surface of the Teletrac Navman offering for the construction industry. Contact us to talk about your requirements. Whether you are interested in compliance, workflow, electronic forms and communications or improving customer billing – we are happy to discuss the compelling range of integrated solutions we have delivered for businesses like yours around the globe. 

Trusted Solutions for Aggregate Mining:

We proudly work with some of the world’s largest and most recognizable construction companies as well as some of the smallest. Our customers include civil construction, heavy earthworks, aggregate mining, ready-mix concrete, asphalt and paving, crane operators, and everything else in between. Our solutions are built tough with enterprise-level reliability and accuracy to ensure your business is working with the best real-time information possible. Most of all, we strive to ensure that your return on investment in Teletrac Navman solutions continues to deliver now and in the future.

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Find assets when you need them with precise real-time location on a desktop computer or mobile device.

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Gain a detailed, real-time and historic understanding of your operations and learn where you can achieve efficiency