Understand the equipment maintenance needs across your entire business in real time

Increase productivity and boost profits with preventative maintenance through the Teletrac Navman Site360 jobsite management platform. Prevent avoidable instances of equipment downtime by setting reminders and alerts, and keep track of maintenance records in one system that’s accessible on any device from anywhere.

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Automate Maintenance Management

Fully automate your maintenance routines with custom schedules and real-time access to equipment diagnostics and inspection reports. Reduce equipment downtime with automated equipment maintenance reports.

  • Avoid unplanned breakdowns with real-time monitoring
  • View or submit work requests from the field
  • Schedule maintenance on a custom or factory-recommended timeline

Get notified of key maintenance needs

Real-time engine diagnostics alert fleet managers to equipment maintenance needs no matter where the asset is located. Eliminate maintenance guesswork by storing all records in one system.

  • Monitor engine hours and asset use from anywhere
  • Pre-program maintenance alerts and reminders
  • Eliminate the added cost of unintentionally deferred maintenance

Capture maintenance information electronically

Replace slow and error-prone paper-based process by capturing key maintenance milestones electronically. Get ahead with maintenance planning and schedule planned service requirements with up-to-the-minute equipment information:

  • Constantly updated equipment engine hours and mileage records
  • Accurate and available information means not having to wait for paper inspections or worry about time-consuming manual updates
  • Achieve new levels of efficiency and cost saving with a complete fleet-wide picture of upcoming servicing needs





Our equipment maintenance software helps businesses ensure all vehicles and heavy equipment assets are properly maintained and prevents unexpected equipment downtime. Learn more about how TeletracNavman Site360 Equipment Maintenance Software can improve equipment maintenance planning.


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