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Teletrac Navman Trailer and Asset Tracking

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Trailer and asset tracking

Trailer and Asset Tracking

Comprehensive asset tracking solution

Your jobsite contains a variety of movable and fixed assets: vehicles, trailers, heavy equipment and structures. Teletrac Navman trailer and asset tracking can keep an eye on your physical capital 24/7. This GPS fleet management solution maintains security and monitors activity so you will always know when and how remote assets are in use.

Teletrac Navman trailer and asset tracking can do more for your business than protecting assets on the road or at the site. Advanced, automated software helps you assess productivity and implement procedures that allow you to make the best use of your equipment and personnel. With asset tracking on the job, you are decreasing operating costs and getting more hours out of every workday.

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Enhanced Visibility

From your office or anywhere, monitor your remote operations and see which assets are active — day or night. Whether managing one jobsite or several, Teletrac Navman GPS trailer and equipment tracking shows you what you always need to know: where everything is and what it is doing, at any given time.

  • Live tracking visibility of trailer and asset positioning with DIRECTOR™ updates on location information every 15 minutes
  • Geofencing for setting a perimeter and tracking asset movement
  • Dispatching drivers to assigned trailer for faster yard operations
  • Exception condition reports for users to define unauthorized use which trigger instant alerts
  • Secure hardware that requires no external antenna to prevent theft

Location Monitoring for Assets Not in Use

At remote sites or after working hours, assets are vulnerable to tampering or theft when it appears there is nobody watching. Teletrac Navman GPS asset management tracking is designed to operate autonomously — to observe, record and deter unauthorized access at every moment.

  • Long-life internal battery maintains tracking and status when a trailer is disconnected and parked
  • Reduce time-consuming physical yard inventory checks
  • Daily GPS information on unhooked trailers, with immediate notification and 15 minute location updates if asset is moved
  • Email and text messaging to operator for optimized management of asset movement in real-time

Improved Productivity

    Teletrac Navman GPS asset tracking enables users to measure and evaluate patterns of use on a site, and determine where equipment activity/idle cycles can be improved. With real-time data access, you can make instant decisions on dispatching or equipment rotation to get more done with everything in the yard.

    • Reduce time and effort exerted looking for assets (or “Instantly locate assets”)
    • Access to permanent records of location and asset usage for analysis or loss investigation
    • Trailer and cargo accountability for better customer support
    • Proof of hours worked and equipment used, for accurate billing
    • Control unauthorized use and unnecessary expenses

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