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TN360 - Forms

Data Blocks
Data Blocks

Key Takeaways

Start your digital transformation with Forms for TN360, the application that turns paper processes into digital forms that simplify data capture and ensure that your field-based teams always have access to the information they need.

What is Forms

Forms is the TN360 mobile app that enables you to digitize paper processes and ensure that key information is captured and instantly accessible. The form builder is really easy to use and you can create any form and deploy it to your team in minutes. In the field your team can access and complete the forms via a mobile app and be confident that they have submitted the required information. The types of forms customers use the application for include:

  • Job completion
  • Load collection
  • Customer invoices / customer documentation
  • Accidents and near misses
  • Vehicle maintenance and inspections
  • Insurance claim notifications
  • And many more…

What Makes Forms Special

TN360 Forms is easy to use compared with other electronic forms management systems, enabling companies to implement digital processes quickly and with minimal disruption. The mobile app also offers a great user experience so your team can easily submit forms, view form submission history and access partially completed forms reducing time entering information.

Key features:

  • Drag and drop form builder
  • Wide range of field types (including signature and photo)
  • Field entry validation
  • Mobile App (Android)
  • Critical form alert notifications
  • Form data analysis

How can Forms Help Your Business

Businesses that implement Forms see instant efficiency gains by removing manual processes and also benefit from having instant access to accurate and complete information, helping them identify issues and take action quickly. Built into the forms solution is the capability to trigger alerts on form submission, so any critical notifications can be instantly dealt with and escalated accordingly. Having all of your form data in a single location also speeds up access and analysis of the data captured.